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Michael Buzzelli, 'Burgh Vivant

[Williams] is marvelous in her (still a secret) role. She commands the stage. She is bright and beautiful, harried and horrifying. Sliding up and down a scale of varying emotions.

Wendy Arons, The Pittsburgh Tatler

Williams is engaging as both the Woman and as Medea, and her emotional journey through anguish, guilt, self-recrimination, and rationalization is moving and thought-provoking, as are the parallels drawn by the play between Medea’s anger at Jason and the Woman’s bitterness toward her own ex (also named Jason), who has also left her for another woman.

Rick Handler, Entertainment Central

Drew Leigh Williams is phenomenal in the role of Woman. Certain parts of the play are long monologues that see her rambling around the stage speaking to the audience. Woman slowly, almost cathartically, reveals information about her painful life. Williams does this with a casual intensity with tinges of humor.

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